Sunday, 24 November 2013

Snoozing again

I've almost done all of the images for my "Sleeping like a baby" book... eager to get it finished but I guess there's no rush really.  I'm imagining a day when Ezra is much bigger and sleeping in his own bed, and we can look through it and wonder how sleep, and whether he slept through the night bla bla bla, could ever have been such a big deal.

Resin craft

first try..
bits and pieces

lots of ink...

blue and purple ink

with cut paper shapes

Me and Ashley have been experimenting with resin craft, which is really fun... you make it up as a liquid and can put pretty much anything in it to make little knickknacks like paperweights, keyrings, christmas  decs etc etc. The results can be a bit hit and miss.. the first one I made, I took out of the mould too early and hence it was a bit of a blob. The trial and error is part of its charm though, I think... Putting blobs of ink and swirling it a little seems to be one of the most successful creations. It sort of moves around by itself as the resin sets so its hard to tell exactly what it'll end up like.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

yet more on the subject of sleep

A couple more images I've been working on. I've also been trying to put together some text to go with these 'Sleeping Like a Baby' images which is proving to be quite challenging. I'll get there though! Watch this space...