Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Ashton Court Deer

In my spare time, I paint, and walk Todd the dog and if I'm lucky I find a bit of treasure (something useful or beautiful or both). So this is a painting I did on a piece of wood I found by the industrial estate while walking Todd. Its of the deer at Ashton Court, somewhere we go walking if we've got enough time.

More work for the project...

Been getting on with this project at an ok pace considering its done in the time leftover from full time work. It feels good that the situation I'm describing in my work is not one I have to deal with anymore...

"come straight back to the kitchen. You can't take a break now. "

early start

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

work for the project..

'sorry, time for me to go'

These are a couple of the drawing/paintings I'm working on for the narrative. I'm using mainly acrylic with watersoluble pencils for definition and texture. I'm trying to keep the colour palette quite limited: mainly greys, blues, beige.