Sunday, 8 February 2015

Printmaking- Screen and Lino

In the New Year I started going to a weekly Art group for mums and I am very grateful to Amanda, for telling me about it. Its 2 hours (minus the time it takes to calm/ feed children in the creche) and its fantastic.  I haven't done any printmaking since I was at Uni, over 5 years ago (scary). So it was great to be able to do some again. I've done some very simple prints which seems sensible; given my limited time its a bit stressful to plan anything too elaborate. However, I'm considering getting some equipment at home as its very low tech and not too expensive.

Anyway its been lovely to have a little time to talk to other creative people and chat about ideas, if only I had to time to work on all the ideas I have! 

sleepy cats
Pictures of cat print to follow...

lino birds

fox screenprint


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